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How long would a 2004 Mazda RX8 engine last?
i want to buy a used mazda Rx8 for less than 10k. but it has close to 84 thousand miles. i want to know if it is worth the cost, and how many more miles that engine will pump out for me. and possibly what the max amount of miles it can get upto. Also if anybody knows, Mazda's use Rotary Engine, are they cheaper to replace than normal ones? if so, how much?
It will last until it breaks down.

An engine doesn't have an expiration date, or an expiration mileage.

Seriously. Think about it. Why would miles mean something is in good shape or bad shape? All that really matters is how it is MAINTAINED during that time.

I've got two cars with over 300k miles EACH. Run like the day they were made. So 84k miles isn't even breaking the car in.
it depends on maintenance, and typically it is very hard to find a mechanic who knows rotary so unless you do you'll probably be having a hard time with the rx's
Some last above 150K & some don't. Rotary Engines are expensive to fix when they break.

I notice owners selling off there rx8 cars just before 100K miles. I would get it checked out before I bought one.
I work in the service dept of a Mazda dealership. We order engines for RX-8s nearly every day. It's not that the Renesis 2 Rotor engine is a bad engine...people don't know how to drive the cars! The rotary engine is made to be driven hard. The harder you drive, the longer it lasts. I've seen customers that have had 3 & 4 engines replaced, and I've seen customers that have never had an engine replaced. It just depends on how well you drive it! It's not a car to be driven to the store and back. Short trips will murder this engine. Drive it like you stole it! I tell every RX-8 customer that very thing. Good luck!

P.S. RX-8 engines are covered up to 100,000 miles on 04-08 models. You'll need all the oil change receipts you can get for Mazda to cover an engine replacement if you need it. Customer pay on an engine is about $5k. If you email me the VIN number, I'll tell you the warranty work that's been done on it and whether it has had any engines replaced.
Its is impossible to answer how long it will last but the previous answers about maintenance are spot on. Rotarys are engines which like to rev and REV HIGH, they actually run worse the more you 'baby' them and this is due to such things as foul-ing up spark plugs from nanna driving.

1 - warm up your rotary engine, this means you never turn the key and just drive off, no need to go overboard and waste 10ltr of fuel but in the morning start the car, check the letter box and lock up the house, by the time you walk back to the car your ready to go. and when you take off for that first drive just motor down the road until the engine warms up on the temp guage - then its party time!

2 - use good fuel, never put poor quality petrol in a rotary, this is just common sense - you dont need race fuel just not the cheapest around.

3 - use a rotary experienced mechanic - enuff said

4 - Cool that baby down - so you just flew home from your mates place and had a blast throwing the rx8 into some corners and such, now sit in the drive for around 2-3 minutes before shutting down the engine, this is critical after a quick strap round the block! After normal driving 1 to 1.5 mins is all that is required

I have had many rotors and never had to rebuild a single engine ( and yeah I pushed them hard, its the most fun part of owning one)

good luck
My 04' RX8 has 25000 miles on it but its turbocharged with a T-70 and it runs sweet.

However the Renesis engine which is in the RX8 has been known to "blow" around 80,000-100,000 miles. Mazda extended the warranty to 100k I believe. But theyre awesome cars and can out handle just about anything on the road in its class. Its usually apex seals causing the engine damage and high heat.The renesis hates heat. A brand new engine costs roughly $8000. Id buy it though.
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