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Can I use synthetic motor oil in my 2008 Mazda6 with a 2.3 liter engine?
What brand is recommended? How often should I change the oil and what is the mileage interval?
If the engine did not come from the factory with synthetic, than stay away from it. The seals are not the same on a car that was not designed for syn, and the car will become a oil-leaker.

Since you have a 2008 car, crack a manual, dude.
If you do not have a maintenance history on the car, you would be wise too use a Synthetic oil with bonding agents to allow the Syn to adhere to conventional oils, (mobile 1 Extended Performance)
Intervals are the same 3 months and or 3K miles!
There is no magic in Synthetic oils'
the only time you need to stay away form synthetic oil is the break in period,after that I would recommend it synthetic oil has friction modifiers seals your pistons better and helps prevent dry starts.Valvoline is one of the best but it is up to you they all have to pass ASE and API standards.But DO not use the brand durabrand It is nothing more than baby oil mixed with regular motor oil.the reason why you do not use synthetic oil for the break in period is because your piston rings need to rub against the cylinder walls,this creates a better sealing ring and a ring that is perfectly matched to the cylinder. .synthetic oil is super slick and would not allow the rings to seat in the cylinder properly
Once you use syn oil, you should never use standard oil in the same engine again.

Just wanted to let you know
yes you can use synthetic oil and mobil 1, redline, or royal purple are 3 of the best, you should be able to go 6 or 7,000 miles between oil changes with no problems.
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