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I have a Mazda Tribute and my battery keep going dead i took it to the auto part store were I brought the?
battery from they took the cable off the battery to see if it was the alternator and the car was still on. Can someone tell me what it could be
It is your alternator, that is not a sufficient test go somewhere that can test the actual output of your alternator and you will find it is low.
Taking the battery cable off while the car is running was a very stupid thing to do. It used to be OK when cars had Generators but is a NO-NO with Alternators.
However, with that being said, all that told you was that the alternator is putting out enough voltage to keep the car running. It does not tell you how much the alternator is putting out, it also didn't test the battery or check for any draws on the system. You need to have a battery test and then a draw test done to check those two points also.
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