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Mazda Tribute vs Ford Escape?
I am getting a new car, either a 2010 Ford Escape or a 2010 Mazda Tribute. Does anyone have any recommendations, or know which car would be a better choice? Thanks.
Bad news - the Mazda Tribute IS the Ford Escape. The Mazda is tuned for a slightly firmer ride, and is slightly cheaper.
It's pretty much the same car with different names
Same vehicle, same excellent quality.
Make your best deal on both and buy the best deal.
When it comes time to choose between those two vehicles, there are only three reasons which would sway your choice from one to the other.

First off, you should probably know that these two vehicles share all of their mechanical components, which means neither has an edge over the other in any measureable. This is due to the fact that Ford builds the Tribute for Mazda; thus the Tribute is really just a Ford Escape wearing Mazda clothing. Ford also does the same for Mercury, which has the Escape-based Mariner. If you're going after a hybrid model, the components are still the same between the Ford, the Mazda, and the Mercury.

You should choose based on three factors: style, price, and handling.

Style is entirely up to you. Decide which one looks better to you both inside and out.

Price is easy. If there are significant discounts on the Mazda in your area versus the Ford, or vice-versa, then go for the one that's cheaper.

Handling is the only possible way you might be able to differentiate these vehicles if the two other choices still leave you indecisive. In the past, Mazda has generally tuned the suspension setup on vehicles to handle better, which often results in a slightly rougher ride. The Ford, on the other hand, has a softer suspension that is set up for more rugged use, particularly off-road. Lastly, should you decide to include the Mercury in your choices, it has the softest suspension setup for the smoothest ride.

Basically, go for the Ford if you intend to drive off-road at all or use the vehicle for hauling and towing. Go for the Mazda if you like a little more fun in your drive. Go for the Mercury if you want luxury at an affordable price and value a smooth ride.

I hope this has answered your question. If you have any more, please feel free to ask.
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